Something Different | Toronto Landscape Photography

I decided to take up a genre of photography that I originally thought was dull and not exciting. After my first critique in my Landscape, Site and Place class, I successfully completed the assignment and was really pleased with the outcome. Shooting out of any window just sounds so cliché. Apparently not. All images were shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm prime lens.

IMG_3501taken at around 5pm
IMG_3541taken at around 7pm
IMG_3558taken at around 7:30am
IMG_3565-2taken at around 8am
All images belong to the photographer.

Food Photography | Toronto Food Photographer

For my final portfolio in my Directed Studio class at OCAD U, I decided to embark on a new adventure: exploring food photography. I am hoping to make food look as delicious as they taste. This particular series was presented as my final portfolio of my first semester. The first image you see, was shot in Little India in downtown Toronto, where I got to experience the spicy and sweet taste of Puris. The images following were shot at the Chef's House by George Brown College. The students at the restaurant are chefs in training, who produced a wonderful lunch menu for me to photograph. Enjoy! IMG_9763-6-1





IMG_9893-35 pt 2-5