That's Life Gourmet 20 Year Anniversary | Vancouver Event Photography

It's been a while since I've done some blogging about food and beverage, so I thought to write about a special event that marked 20 years of That's Life Gourmet. On September 20th, their largest portfolio tasting included over 100 products and attracted many guests. Be that I work as their media coordinator and photographer, I was able to document the afternoon and pour some of our newest products that we now have in BC. I would like to congratulate TLG on their success and the milestone they have reached. You can find out more on their blog about the event here. Saluté!

TLG Extravaganza-10.jpg
TLG Extravaganza-64.jpg

Sake & Cheese Pairing with That's Life Gourmet | Vancouver Event Photographer

On February 25, That's Life Gourmet held a sake and cheese pairing with Fukumitsuya's sakes at Minami Restaurant in Yaletown. Junichi Yageta came to Vancouver to showcase the Fukumitsuya brewery and its wonderful sakes. Here is a preview of what went down at Minami that evening. It was a sold out event! Make sure you keep up with TLG and their events throughout the year because they are not only very informative but fun and enjoyable too!