Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol - Massey Hall, Toronto

Massey Hall last night was packed once again, as Snow Patrol added a second show to their Toronto venue. Ed Sheeran was the opening act and did a brilliant job as a one man act where he sang, beatbox and got the crowd going. Of course there were screaming girls waiting to see him afterward but 4 blocks away and willing to line up outside. They were definitely there for Eddie and not for Snow Patrol as most of them left half way through the main act. Snow Patrol played all of the classics: Called Out In The Dark, Chasing Cars, Shut your Eyes, If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It,  Take Back The City and of course Just Say Yes. They definitely had fun with the audience, calling out on people including myself which was pretty cool during their opening number - I was of course the only one in my dull section standing and singing and dancing my heart out with them. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the show proved to be the best kick off to my summer! [gallery]