York House School Class of 2013

My sister, Denice Wong, graduates this year from York House School. A school that we have both spent 13 years of our lives at. I was privileged to be the photographer for her and her friends before the festivities. The girls look forward to the graduation dinner and dance, organized by the class presidents (including my sister). My mum had the brilliant idea of shooting at False Creek on the seawall - where no other graduate from YHS could think of going to for photos (thank you, mum!) Here are the photographs from their photo session, enjoy!  

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DC Fun!

I cannot believe that I was in DC two weeks ago. Time flies when you're having fun! I got to go on a mini road trip to Washington, DC., with a stop in Baltimore on the way there and back. DC was a lot of fun - the Smithsonian, the White House, the food truck festival "Truckeroo" and the crab cakes - DC has been a highlight of my summer so far. The variety of museums blew my mind. From Aviation to the National Museum of Natural History, there was so much to see and do! I got to see the one and only Hope Diamond (Titanic anyone??) as well as many of the memorials. Abraham Lincoln's Memorial was very cool - the pillars stood so tall and Abe himself was huge! Everyone was of course a tourist, taking photos and photobombing whenever the opportunity arose. The view of the Capitol was a sight to see at night time. Night shots proved to make the memorials and buildings look much more grand than in the day. I also felt that the White House was a bit smaller than I had imagined. Movies make that house look like a masterpiece. Blogs to come on the Hirshhorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden and the National Zoo! Also, keep an eye out for a new posting on The Hungry Hippo Food Blog to read about Truckeroo and the food in Baltimore! Thank you to the Baptista family  for allowing this trip to happen! I had a great time! 


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