DC Fun!

I cannot believe that I was in DC two weeks ago. Time flies when you're having fun! I got to go on a mini road trip to Washington, DC., with a stop in Baltimore on the way there and back. DC was a lot of fun - the Smithsonian, the White House, the food truck festival "Truckeroo" and the crab cakes - DC has been a highlight of my summer so far. The variety of museums blew my mind. From Aviation to the National Museum of Natural History, there was so much to see and do! I got to see the one and only Hope Diamond (Titanic anyone??) as well as many of the memorials. Abraham Lincoln's Memorial was very cool - the pillars stood so tall and Abe himself was huge! Everyone was of course a tourist, taking photos and photobombing whenever the opportunity arose. The view of the Capitol was a sight to see at night time. Night shots proved to make the memorials and buildings look much more grand than in the day. I also felt that the White House was a bit smaller than I had imagined. Movies make that house look like a masterpiece. Blogs to come on the Hirshhorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden and the National Zoo! Also, keep an eye out for a new posting on The Hungry Hippo Food Blog to read about Truckeroo and the food in Baltimore! Thank you to the Baptista family  for allowing this trip to happen! I had a great time! 


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