1000 Paper Cranes

For an assignment in my experimental photography class, I decided to incorporate Sadako's story about how 1000 cranes could grant anyone a wish - hers was to survive. Read her story here. I asked many of my family and friends to fold cranes and I reached 1300 cranes. I decided to create a large crane using all 1000 cranes that I received and projected images of people who were near and dear to their hearts - some are fighting or have fought through cancer, or through hard times and US soldiers were also included. Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of the entire project in the dark, but it was a "magical piece" as quoted from my professor when shown with the lights off. [slideshow]

A big thank you to - the Wong Family, Adora Wong, Lisa and Jenny Ng, Bonnie and Augstine Wong's family, Kate Jones, Negeen, Stephen B, Ron Gerrard, Chris Lam and Korena,  for your participation in the project.