Fall Face Off 2012 - Albany, NY

What a crazy day. 5 events. RX and Scaled divisions. Crossfit has become a part of my life that I now love and learn to enjoy. In teams of four, we battled it out with 200 other Crossfit athletes and boy was it intense! As my first competition, competing in the RX division was like diving into a shark tank - I was so nervous that I had no idea if I could pull it off. Although we finished in 5th, we had so much support from our fellow Crossfitters (not just our other teammates but box members too) and we were very happy with the result. Our two scaled teams did a fantastic job and were so inspiring to watch. I might have been the youngest in the competition, but that didn't stop me from having fun and giving my all that day. Man, was I burnt out at the end of it. NOTE TO NEW CROSSFITTERS: never do Fran after 4 events... and I had never even done Fran before in my LIFE (she's a b*tch). I am so happy I got to go through this experience with my boyfriend, Mel and Victor who were just so supportive of me and of each other. We all set PR's (personal records) that day and the emotions were so raw it was such an incredible time. I was kicking myself for not finishing in the last event and stormed out of the building, but I was reminded that I did my best and even though I was in tears, my boyfriend was still proud of me. I am so thankful to have such great friends and family in my life - that they support me through whatever I go through or attempt to do like this competition. I guess there's no going back now that I've let myself experience what it's like to swim with the sharks. Enjoy the photos taken by myself and Maria Silva Fleming.