Oh Paris...

"city of lights and romance..."

A gorgeous city... it's amazing how you can hop onto the Eurostar and be in Paris within a couple hours from London. We spent a weekend in the Parisienne town, and boy did we get our money's worth. We ate, drank, shopped til we dropped, it was a lot of fun. We spent the first lunch at an all you can eat steak and frites house - this was the only thing served! We also caught the tail end of Le Tour de France, which was fantastic to watch! The athletes biked like there was no tomorrow at Champs Elysées. It was wonderful to be a part of the event by just being there!

We stayed at The Georges V - Four Seasons hotel and it had such a grand entrance - filled with flowers beyond your imagination. The chandeliers in the entrance and the view of the bar which had hanging flowers from high above the bar/lounge area was just stunning, along with a waterfall in the background.

Because it was sunday, nothing was open so we decided to check out the spa which was very serene. You were approached by a hostess who gave us a tour of the spa. The pool was very calming, although the hot tub was unfortunately not hot but the steam room, sauna and lounging area or the "quiet" room was  relaxing and calming. With tea and a mini bar service, the spa in the Georges V was quaint and a great place to hideout from the hot sun.

The hotel's restaurant, Le Cinq, featured a great tasting menu. We ate a 7 course meal provided by the chef and had a few glasses of wine and bubbly to go along with our dinner (we had some in the room before heading down.) The petit fours came out on a large cart and we could pick as many different ones as we'd like - chocolate, nougat, marshmallows... you name it!

On our last day we went shopping, and to La Durée for breakfast (although disappointed as the main restaurant was not open due to renovations so we tried another one that couldn't even make a proper poached egg...) We visited Chanel's original store (and home) and Michael found a bag labeled with Victoria Beckham's name. We thought maybe she was in town... we also visited a coffee shop selling Kopiluwak (look it up you'll be surprised) and found the Truffle House which I swear was by far the best lunch I've ever had! Everything was to do with truffle - truffle oil along with the bread given, you got to pick if you wanted white, black or the seasonal truffle with your course (appetizer AND main course.) IT WAS SO DELICIOUS... truffle pasta... ohmygosh.

Funny enough, as we boarded the Eurostar one last time, we were held up because of the one and only... Victoria Beckham who was late for our train!!! I was in shock and at the same time amazed at how petite she was. Fashionably late, she boarded the train with (I believer her eldest son) Romeo and off we went. It was quite a fabulous trip even though it was short and sweet.

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