Milan darling...Milan...

"Shop shop shop... shop 'til you drop!" 

Milan was quite a small city but filled with fashion. This city had people dressed up and dressed down. We were lucky enough to be staying at the Four Seasons in Milan (this was the start of the Seasons tour)  and the service was superb. Although my ankle had been twisted at this point, I still hobbled around to Jimmy Choo, TOD's, Versace and more... I ended up buying shoes (how ironic!) The food was absolutely amazing - the pasta is to die for and the pizza APPARENTLY is to die for as well (yes that's right... I never had any pizza whilst in Italy and that's because we went to the same restaurant for lunch twice by the name of Bagutta because it was that good! Paper Moon is the name of the pizzeria just up the road from Bagutta.) 

Ermenegildo Zegna is a huge hit in Milan too with the men's fashion (with 6 floors of suits, shirts, ties and more!) The streets were mostly cobbled and plenty rode on vespas to get to and from. We met up with a good friend of the family's, known through the wine business, Marchesi di Grésy's own Alberto. We went to dinner at a small restaurant on a corner with jazz music being the entertainment for the evening. Sitting outside meant getting bitten alive but for the food and ambiance, it was definitely worth it.

Once in Milan, we knew we had a long road trip to get to Provence and from there a six hour drive to Barcelona... but we were excited and could care less of what there was to come for the rest of the trip.