Welcome to the Bahamas!

It was such a lovely trip, laid back and very relaxed. Both myself and my boyfriend enjoyed 4 days of what the Bahamas had to offer - a lot of conch fritters and of course a lot of beach time. We spent a morning downtown in Nassau, filled with government buildings, gardens and tourist shops. We stopped by the rum cake factory one day too, and bought ourselves souvenirs and a large cake to share throughout our trip. The coconut rum cake is absolutely decadent! We stayed at the Sheraton Nassau Resort and had a very laid back experience. The Bahama Mama was a newly discovered beverage - pineapple juice and rum were key. All in all, if you're looking for a weekend getaway, hit up the Bahamas. Did you know there are up to 700 islands in the Bahamas? Pink sand beaches are also a big thing - which we didn't get a chance to do. As our cab driver told us, "there is much to do in the Bahamas!" [slideshow]