Ruby WatchCo

Named after a sign that Chef Lynne Crawford found with her partner in an abandoned warehouse, Ruby WatchCo is a place for great food, great atmosphere and everything else you can think of. Normally reservations are made weeks in advanced and you never know what's on the menu until that week as Chef Lynne uses fresh and organic products from various local farms in Ontario. Usually she's in the kitchen cooking your meals but that evening I was lucky enough to walk in and get a table for two she was filming Season 4 of Pitchin' In. Click here to find out more. So there I was, able to get a table just as I walked in and immediately had to order their Golden Eye cocktail - which truly was deliciously tasting and made you feel just as boss as an agent from MI6 - and on the menu was a 16hr braised pork shoulder salad, halibut, some house cheeses and a hazelnut and pear tart. The dishes were very fresh and full of flavours - halibut was NOT overdone but just perfect - and a bottle of red to pair with the evening just topped the night off. Enjoy the photos!