Journey with CrossFit New Hampton | CrossFit | Sports Photography

It's a very interesting and different environment when taking photos of in action athletes, as oppose to lifestyle portraits. I find that there is so much to CrossFit, whether it's being in the audience or taking part in a work out. As a CrossFit athlete, I can relate to the fun and hard times throughout the work outs that are given each day. You have your highs and lows, but you're working your hardest every time. Everyone has goals that they want to be able to reach, and it's amazing when you see others accomplish their first pull up (not banded) or their first muscle up. With this in mind, I have been watching my friends at CrossFit New Hampton grow and accomplish anything they put their minds to. Here is a little tribute to them and how far they have come. These images were taken at CrossFit New Hampton's 2nd Anniversary in-house, friendly competition and miscellaneously while I've been in and out of town this past year.